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TRIM-LIFE® is designed for people who have tried diet programs and have discovered that diets don’t work. TRIM-LIFE® is taught by a professional therapist who has been trained to help you discover the underlying eating patterns that keep you from healthy relationships with food, exercise and your body. TRIM-LIFE® is a 6-week weight release program in a small group setting.  Each week we focus on something new:

  • Shrink your stomach to its natural size through hypnosis so you are satisfied with less food

  • Install a hunger/satisfaction gauge

  • Learn the difference between physical and emotional hunger

  • Extinguishing food and drink addictions and cravings

  • Regulate your metabolic rate to release unnecessary weight

  • Open motivation for increased physical activity using hypnosis

If you are tired of being met with defeat and discouragement.  If you are tired of falling short of achieving and maintaining your healthiest weight, no matter how hard you’ve tried, or, if you just want to stop that cycle of binging and restricting, TRIM-LIFE® may be your answer.

You will be provided with tools to recognize physical hunger and physical satiation, eliminate cravings, increase your motivation to exercise, and identify when emotions appear to cause physical hunger.

The personal workbook and audio recordings support your practice at home and reinforce the new tools. Most importantly you can release the weight without feeling deprived!

Register now to take your first step in releasing old patterns!   

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