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Wu Chi Wellness

Empty yourself so you can become whole. That's the idea behind Wu Chi. Clear out the internal noise and old programming and connect to your own inner healing resources. Create the space for Divine Energy to reside within. Connect to healers and teachings that bring peace, calm, and flow into your life. Connect to yourself. Develop your own way and walk the path of healing yourself. 

Our initial understanding was that Wu means Divine and Chi means energy. Digging deeper, it is so much more. Well, isn't that just like life? More on that later.... 

At Wu Chi Wellness, it is our mission to help you connect with your own inner resources, Divine Resources, for healing. Divine is defined differently by different people. For some it is nature; for others it is God or Goddess; perhaps it is The Way. You decide.

What We Do


Spiritual Coaching
Subtle Energy Healing
Past Life Regressions
Womb Cleansing
And more...

Sessions scheduled through STLCW at 314-322-2885


Wellness Tools,

Weight Release, Tarot, Astrology, Yoga, Meditation


Videos, Online classes, telehealth


On hold for now

Weekend Intensives, Personal Transformation Intensives (PTIs)

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